Girlsway - Katrina Colt And Scarlett Alexis The Best Revenge Is Lezzing Well

Studio: Girlsway
Video Duration: 35:58

Katrina Colt has recently broken up with her boyfriend and has come to his house to pick up the last of her things.

Thankfully, her best friend Scarlett Alexis has tagged along for support. But when they arrive at the house, they see that Katrinas ex has literally just tossed everything half-hazardly into boxes, without taking a single care.

This infuriates Katrina even more, causing her to vent about her shitty ex to Scarlett. Her ex was truly a piece of crap, and borderline toxic. Not only that, but he moved on to another woman right away!

Its totally humiliating and Katrina wishes there was a way she could one-up the bastard... Thats when Scarlett gets a naughtily brilliant idea! What if there WAS a way they could one up him, and make the ENTIRE neighborhood know about it? Katrina is intrigued and asks to hear what Scarlett has in mind.

Scarlett suggests that Katrina have sex with a WOMAN as a way to get back at him. That way, she could tell everyone that her ex was so bad in bed that she converted to lesbianism! Katrina loves the idea but wonders how she could possibly do that.

After all, shes not a lesbian herself. Scarlett, however, tells her that she can have sex with her. It would just be one friend helping the other out. Nothing more, nothing less!

And she knows the PERFECT place to do it... right in front of the nearby window, so that all of Katrinas exs neighbors can see!