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Excogigirls - Trinity Olsen And Amber Moore I Like Girls More Than Guys

Porn Star: Amber Moore,  Trinity Olsen
Studio: Excogigirls
Duration: 01:34:54

Welcome back everyone to today's update of 18 year old Trinity and returning outstanding female in a lead role Amber Moore in what I hope is exactly what you've all been asking me to capture. It's been a much more difficult task then I expected but I'm pleased to say these two liked each other and right from the start began mauling each other. The passion for Pussy is strong with these two and Trinity actually prefers girls to guys.

It shows honey and the way these two kissed and caressed each other is what makes kitty cats' purrrrrrr. I'm hoping this meets with all of your approval because Amber Moore was definitely into Trinity, and Trinity was definitely into Amber. Meow I know, and after these two hotties kissed, caressed, and rubbed their pussies for some hot foreplay, Trinity assumed the position as Amber spread her pussy wide and rubbed that clit until she was almost about to explode. Next, Amber gave Trinity a thorough tongue-lashing and than much to her surprise did something she rarely ever does.

Amber SQUIRTED for her First Orgasm of the day at (25:25) and it was so awesome I just had to show it in instant replay three times. WOW! And now it's Trinity's turn to show us all what great Pussy Licking skills she possesses and she's possessed all right. Girl you can lick slit much to Amber's enjoyment, and next it's 69 Position which is a first for Trinity. Yummy, and these two go at it for the rest of the video as they munch and munch their way to Pussyville because this video is almost 100% Pussy Licking.

Not kidding and the only toys that made an appearance was in the Post Shoot shower. Now I'm not sure if the Shower Sex was hotter than the bedroom sex or not because it was just different and when Trinity told Amber to Spit in her mouth at (1:23:43) and then she did? Well that sent Trinity over the edge and then she proceeded to immediately rub her clit and Squirted all over Amber at (1:24:40)!!! Wow! And Amber was pretty surprised also and I just had to show it in instant replay so you could she Amber's reactions and this type of Girl/Girl chemistry just makes me want more don't you? So stay tuned everyone, and I hope you like Trinity as much as Amber did. You two girls are gorgeous.