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Lezbebad - Nicole Doshi And Victoria Voxxx Girls Cooling Off

Studio: Lezbebad
Duration: 38:01

Two girlfriends, Victoria Voxxx and Nicole Doshi, are struggling to stay cool after their air conditioner breaks.

They're even MORE frustrated since the sweltering heat means that they're too hot to have sex, too! But that's when Nicole gets the brilliant idea of breaking out some ice cubes to play with.

Not only will they cool down but they'll have the fun experience of trying something new in the bedroom as well...

They glide the ice cubes slowly and sensually over each other's bodies, using their tongues to leisurely lap up the melting ice and salty sweat.

The hotter they get, the more bold they start to get with the ice, making sure they get every bit out of the temperature play as they humanly can. Maybe the air conditioner breaking down isn't so bad after all!