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Zhen And Giorgia Grabbing Each Others Breasts

Porn Star: Giorgia,  Zhen
Duration: 19:36

Zhen shows Giorgia some photos she took getting naked at a lake, and Giorgia giggles as she takes the phone and zooms in on Zhen's butt. Giorgia reveals that she loves pleasuring herself to the sexy photos that her girlfriend sends her, which delights Zhen. If you sent me pictures, I would definitely masturbate to them! she exclaims, and Giorgia gives her a sparkling smile. The girls decide to make their fantasies come true and start gently caressing and undressing each other.

Zhen uses her long hair to tease Giorgia's perky pink nipples and cries, you have such beautiful breasts: like super, wow! Pulling down their panties and sitting side-by-side with their legs open, the girls use one hand to cuddle their friend's breast and the other to lovingly stroke their own pussy. They cast deeply intimate looks into each other's eyes, their breathing getting heavier, until their pleasure builds to a simultaneous orgasm. As they smile for a selfie, so they can remember their day of shared pleasure forever, Zhen sighs, we look great together, we definitely need to repeat this again very soon, and Giorgia eagerly nods in agreement.